Creating a community of STEP volunteers

Since 2015 Sihtasutus Omanäolise Kooli Arenduskeskus has led a program called STEP which deals with young people aged 15-29 who have committed a misdemeanor or criminal offence. In the program special consultants help them to find a job or a suitable educational path. STEP- program brings together young people, responsible employers, educational institutions, third sector organizations and public authorities.

The problem STEP program relieves: NEET youths between the ages of 15 to 29, who have a criminal background are in danger of being marginalized because of their past. Compared to their peers, they are more likely to be unemployed. This in turn increases the chances they will commit new crimes, which is why programs like STEP have a critical importance in preventing new illegal activities from happening.

The aim of the project “STEP-programmi vabatahtlike kogukonna loomine” ( in trnanslation “Creating a community of STEP volunteers”) is to involve young people with an offense background in the labor market, to give them independence and to keep them active through voluntary work and social contribution.